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Our training ensures your staff are correctly trained and working safely.

All Emmepiemme equipment is provided with on site support. During the initial test all the operational information are provided to clients together with technical documentation. Trained and qualified personnel follows new plant installations and provide all needed information for the continuatively of production process.

Our technical staff, who have many years' experience as heating technicians, combine practical installation tips with heating theory and legislative requirements, ensuring a thorough understanding of all aspects of our products.​

Contact Emmepiemme technical staff for more information.



Customers are assisted during technology and process evaluation, and supported with scientific analysis.


Emmepiemme offer testing services for food and beverage product in compliance with existing regulations, in partnership with SSICA (Stazione Sperimetale Industria Conserve Alimentari.

The SSICA Centre offers pilot plant facilities and expertise to companies and other organisations. Our clients use the Centre to carry out product and process development trials on a pilot scale. This allows our clients to operate the pilot plant with the guidance of academic and technical staff, hence saving money on expensive production trials.

The Centre has worked with many food manufacturing and related companies, ranging from multinational organisations to small to medium enterprises, including many household names. Projects range from simple one-off process trials to long term studies in which concepts are developed through to pilot scale production.


Tests and analysis are conducted in SSICA facility, using Emmepiemme heaters plant, together with products or raw materials requested for tests.

The facility is equipped with different types of industrial food treatment plants, and qualified analysis laboratory, in order to determinate the effect of the treatment on products.


Contact Emmepiemme technical staff for more information.



Use and evaluate the equipment, before you make a significant purchase decision.


Processing equipment covers almost every traditional heating process sector.

Emmepiemme offers rental services to verify quality and efficiency of heating technology, allowing companies to produce test market quantities for national or international markets. Different pilot plants are available for short/medium rental, and equipped with different optional:


-Ohmic pilot plant for fluids, dairy and creamy products;

-Ohmic pilot plant for mixed solid fluid products;

-Ohmic heater stage for mixed solid fluid products.




-Aseptic filler for 5-10 Kg bags;

-Mono pump for fluids products;

-Piston pump for mixed solids fluids products.



Contact Emmepiemme technical staff for more information.

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