Food companies have several opportunities to test Emmepiemme ohmic technologies with their products.


Test runs on our pilot equipment in Parma 

Our own complete pilot plants are available at SSICA, with a capacity of around 100 Kg/h, for processes up to 140°C, suitable for particulates with pieces up to 10 mm, for liquids and for protein fluids, packed into aseptic pouches or hot-filled. Our engineers carry out the tests personally, in collaboration with the food technologists of SSICA.



An aseptic plant for large particulates, complete with aseptic filler, capacity up to 1 T/h, and a plant for liquids and protein fluids are available for rental.

Purchase: We can realize pilot plants for every need and size. Over 20 semi-industrial pilot plants are already installed in public research centres, universities and leading food processors in Italy and around the world.

emmepiemme ohmic pilot line

Small size equipment 

Our range of pilot equipment includes laboratory-size ohmic cells for conductivity measures and a process simulator, by means of which complete treatment cycles can be applied to small quantities of product (up to 1 Kg) with the purpose of observing its behavior and fining-tune the processing parameters before industrial application.




Implants are made on specific requests from our customers, Emmepiemme relies on the experience of the Stazione Sperimentale Conserve Alimentari (SSICA www.ssica.it) for products testing, chemical analysis and organoleptic properties, in order to obtain the best effective solution for the required treatment, in compliance with the current regulations in terms of food processing.


Our most important innovations:


• Power supply by switching power modules, with rated power up to 60 kW

• Automatic or manual operating voltage commutation to fit the conductivity of different products

• Applicator consisting in a series of insulating tubes and annular electrodes

• Completely free sections and diameters up to 30 mm and more

• Modular product conduits and fully customizable, with special solutions for either large chunks, pastes, liquids and protein liquids



Major international food industries have adopted our pilot systems for their R&D facilities in Italy and all around the world. Other pilot plants are available in Universities and other public R&D facilities.