With twenty years of experience in food processing, Emmepiemme is able to design and implement industrial size systems, according to customer requirements and products specifications. Over the years there have been installations for production lines with flow rates up to 12000 kg / h.


Products that can be treated with Emmepiemme ohmic processing lines:


• Dices, slices, halves, small whole berries of fruits, vegetables, tomato

• Purees, pastes, pulps, sauces of fruits, vegetables, protein food

• Ready meals with and without solid chunks

• Dairy (milk, processed cheese, cheese creams)

• Pet food

emmepiemme industrial ohmic line


Implants are made on specific requests from our customers, Emmepiemme relies on the experience of the Stazione Sperimentale Conserve Alimentari (SSICA for products testing, chemical analysis and organoleptic properties, in order to obtain the best effective solution for the required treatment, in compliance with the current regulations in terms of food processing.


Our most important innovations:


• Power supply by switching power modules, with rated power up to 75 kW

• Automatic or manual operating voltage commutation to fit the conductivity of different products

• Applicator consisting in a series of insulating tubes and annular electrodes

• Completely free sections and diameters up to 100 mm and more

• Modular product conduits and fully customizable, with special solutions for either large chunks or pastes, liquids and protein liquids.



Today, the needs of the market require manufacturers great flexibility, in terms of products types and treatment methods. Integration of new plants in existing facilities has become more and more important by upgrading existing lines with different types of processing, without having to dismantle entire plants and make large investment ineffective. To achieve this goal, one of the services that we offer, is commonly called retrofit, and it is based on the integration of Emmepiemme equipment (heaters, pumps, etc.) with existing lines, specifically designed to ensure cost avoidance and maximize efficiency.



Emmepiemme has designed and installed a variety of complete processing lines, with capacity in the range from 500 to 8000 Kg/h, with the aim of fully enhancing the potentiality of its innovative technologies. Our lines are inclusive of all sections, from the product reception and feeding down to final packaging, either aseptic (“bag in box” filling) or with hot filling of glass jars or flexible pouches, as well as the automatic cleaning and sterilization systems and complementary sections for ingredients preparation and dosage.

All our lines have distinctive original features, both in terms of technical solutions, and from the point of view of the control and regulation systems. All our machinery and equipment are manufactured according to regulations and CE certified.