Emmepiemme’s microwave heater has been designed to heat plastic or glass open packages and for plastic close packages. While crossing the tunnel in a single row several compact generators, placed at the sides of the tunnel, provides heating by microwave.

The generators are static with no fan or moving organ, completely covered with stainless steel. They are designed to be easily removable, power and signal cables are connected by water resistant industrial connectors. These specs and its light weight makes it extremely easy to replace. The industrial magnetron equipped has an expected life of 3000 hours at full power.





INPUT UNIT: electrical power and control, microwave interception and complete block, RF leak sensor alarm.


OUTPUT UNIT: Intralox tape drive system, microwave interception and complete block, RF leak sensor alarm, drive unit for 2kW generators, tunnel ventilation system for steam evacuation.


The tunnel is completely opened on the upper part by means of light doors simply supported and without any gasket (MW quarter-wave seal) equipped with opening safety sensors. The tunnel can be easily washed with a pressure washer. This characteristic makes it suitable for the treatment of opened packages, which may present the inner contamination of the tunnel due to splashing or breakage of the package.